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t-prot, a TOFU protection script

You know these misformatted mail or news messages, with full quotes, too long signatures, and lots of exclamation marks? They get on your nerves day by day? That's what this script is for. Please see the documentation for the details.

TOFU Protection Mini-Howto:

Alternatively, you may download the latest tarball (or install the package fitting your system):

If you desire to know what's up with the last update, see the ChangeLog.

Screenshots: #1, #2, #3, #5, #6.

Similar projects:

Pagerfilter Patch

By now, the patch seems obsolete, at least for current stable mutt versions. On earlier versions, $display_filter was somewhat more unstable, so just to be sure, you can still download the Geraffel and the md5 sums.

Editorfilter Patch

OK, now the pager filters out any unwanted TOFU, but if you reply to a TOFU'ed mail, you *still* have to repair these misedited mails. So there is some need for just another filter...

Finally I found the time and hacked something together. You can download it, but please keep in mind that it is just a hack -- if anything goes wrong, don't blame me.

Usage: Just append a line like
set edit_filter='t-prot -cemtS --body --lax-security -i%s -o%s'
to your ~/.muttrc. Make sure that mutt's tmpdir is set to something readable just by you, e.g. "~/tmp/mutt".

Future plans:
The patch is not ready for inclusion into vanilla mutt at all, as PGP encrypted messages are not processed by the filter. Luckily, people encrypting their messages tend to write quite legible messages in the first place, so this issue does not rate very high on my TODO list: I am using the patch for all my daily mail, so I guess it's just scratching my itch. If you like to work on the patch, be my guest (and send some feedback, please).

I used that patch for several years, and it really made daily life a lot easier. By now, I'm back to simple plain standard mutt provided by the distribution I use. Maybe I'll go back some time in the future. ;)

Mutt Configuration Helper

For our local Linux User Group, Björn Bürger hacked a nice little script you may use to put together your very personal mutt configuration file. Right now, it is outdated, not fully compatible with recent mutt versions and even no longer available.

So, I absent-mindedly volunteered for rewriting the thing. Keeping in mind that at that time I worked on a system implemented on top of the new Linux kernel config system, it is no surprise the new mutt configurator uses kconfig too.

Right now the thing is in early alpha stadium (and probably will never be developed any further), but actually downloading, patching, building, and configuring mutt from source works quite well (if you don't care that most people will need features that aren't there yet).

However, the thing is free, and it is fun. You can download a tarball here.

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