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Klarimax' TAPPMud Homepage

This page is for a game I used to play often at the end of my student's life. I am not sure it exists any longer.

Pictures from the 1997 TAPPMud Party in Ulm

Björn defeating the Cormallon monster
Playing pool (Saabor, Vulkan)
Björn and the pudding of Strength (also eating: Nixe,...)
Some people round a table (Lorgan, ...)
A black bard (Shaya)
Interrogating a necromancer (Vulkan, Björn)
A very important drink (Tomcat, Lorgan)
A druid in self-defense (Marcus)
Kicker-experts (Kiorte, Angelika)
More kickers (Gerd, Lorgan, Tullamore, ?, ?, Stalker, Onja, Kiorte)
Around the "campfire" (Saabor, Cormallon, Domaris, Vulkan)
A surprised couple (Eskaron, Nynaeve)
An even more surprised cleric (Klarimax)
Final breakfast (Marcus, Saabor, ?, Onja, Kiorte)

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