Rammi's Homepage

Hi, I am Rammi and this is my boring text-only homepage.

I don't really hope you will enjoy this, so let's greet some people out there:

  • My famous son Arkadi
  • Good ol' Björn working for fucking VW
  • All people who don't use cars or planes to get from A to B

Famous last words

Hope you enjoyed this homepage. Nope! If you enjoyed this you should probably start a new hobby -- maybe reading telephone books. It's fun.


Hm. There isn't any interesting stuff waiting for you here. The (somewhat?) more interesting stuff is protected against search bots etc. by a Java guard.

Hmhm. Still there? You really don't have Java?

Ok. It's my greatest fault: I am always too nice. Here I give you some links to other pages from me.

Beware! There are still pages which cannot be reached from here. Some do not make sense without Java and some are hidden for other reasons.

Links that stinks


Some of the things I had to say to the World. But she never listened.
So why do care?

Personal stuff

Probably more than you ever wanted to know about me.